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Interative course book/notes can be accessed on this page. You can also view the pdf of the book by
downloading the PDF from the 'Logistics' link within the first weeks schedule. Please remember to download
the PDF and save within your 'Java' folder instead of viewing it within this webpage each time.

Chapter Notes from Book
  1. Chapter 1 Introduction to Java Programming (Content) (Game Zone) (Programming Exercises)
  2. Chapter 2 Using Data (Content) (Game Zone) (Programming Exercises)
  3. Chapter 3 Using Methods, Classes and Objects (Content) (Game Zone) (Programming Exercises)
  4. Chapter 5 Making Decisions (Content) (Game Zone) (Programming Exercises)
  5. Chapter 6 Looping (Content) (Game Zone) (Programming Exercises)
  6. Chapter 7 Characters, Strings, and the StringBuilder(Content) (Game Zone) (Programming Exercises)
  7. Chapter 8 Arrays (Content) (Game Zone) (Programming Exercises)
  8. Chapter 13 File Input and Output (Content) (Game Zone) (Programming Exercises)
  9. Chapter 14 Introduction to Swing Components (Content) (Game Zone) (Programming Exercises)
Class Notes
  1. Java Logistics
  2. Java Style Guide
  3. Console(Swing) versus GUI(JOptionPane)
  4. Numbering Systems
  5. Data and Expressions
  6. Loops: If Introduction Part 1
  7. Loops: For/While Part 2
  8. Code Tracing
  9. Math and Random
  10. String and Character Methods
  11. IO: Strings, Files, and Web Pages
  12. Writing Static Methods
  13. More Loops
  14. Arrays - One Dimensional
  15. Arrays - Two Dimensional
  16. Appendix A - Working with Java JDK
  17. Appendix B - Data Representation
  18. Appendix C - Formatting Output
  19. Appendix D - Random Numbers